What Is Telescope?

Telescope is an open-source app that lets you easily set up your own online community. It's built with Meteor, a real-time Javascript framework, and you can use it to create your own discussion board, social news site (like Hacker News or Reddit), or collaboration space.

Professional Support

For paid professional support, customization, or any larger Telescope-based projects, please get in touch with official Telescope partner Differential.

What Are People Using It For?

The Hacker News Kansai community uses Telescope to keep in touch and share ideas in between meetups.

Sidebar uses Telescope's digest view to display the 5 best design links of the day, as curated by a team of editors. is a message board to discuss Meteor news and share Meteor tips.

More examples…

A Few Of Telescope's Features

Our Book: Discover Meteor

We've put everything we learned building Telescope to write the definitive guide to creating Meteor apps. In it, we teach you how to build Microscope, a simplified version of Telescope, taking you through the process step by step.