/A Couple of Explainer Video Case Studies

A Couple of Explainer Video Case Studies

Explainer videos have been shown to increase viewer interest significantly! User engagement increases, conversion ratios increase, and overall web interaction becomes more enjoyable. Serious thought should be put into the implementation of explainer videos on any website. The benefits it can yield are far too great to ignore!

Below are two case studies of how large of an impact an explainer video can have on a company’s well-being. In some instances, it was literally the sole marketing tactic responsible for putting that company on the map.


Dropbox went from 0 to 100 million users from the use of a simple explainer video. This was done in a time span of about 5 years. Amazing isn’t it? What’s even more fascinating is the simplicity in which Dropbox chooses to market their website. Their website contains a simple explainer video and download link, that’s it. It forces users who go to their website to watch the video because there are simply no other options. Their product was described in a 120 second video and was able to stimulate enough interest that millions of users then download their software. Sounds like a pretty powerful video!

Utilizing this method resulted in a 10 percent increase in sign-ups which equated to an additional 10 million users for Dropbox. It’s obvious an explainer video increases conversions, but by how much?

Based on a study by Internet Retailer an explainer video can increase the chance of a product purchase by as much as 85 percent. With metrics like this, it’s amazing more companies don’t take advantage of this marketing technique.


Zencash incorporated a 90 second explainer video on their homepage and saw dramatic results as well. 74% of their websites visitors were clicking play versus the previous norm of 17%. That’s an amazing jump in user activity and engagement.

Zencash learned several things by incorporating an explainer video onto their website. The importance of keeping the video no longer than 2 minutes was deemed the goal to hit. After testing they realized that 30-90 seconds appeared to be the sweet spot. They also learned the importance of putting the most relevant information in the beginning of the video. Remember, people have short attention spans and you need to get that key information to them as quickly as possible before they lose interest.

Zencash also did a good job of knowing their audience and developing a video that spoke to that specific audience. For example, if your business is predominantly dealing with C-level executives, it would be in your best interests to develop a video geared towards that market versus teenagers. This seems obvious but it’s somewhat surprising how many companies chose not to follow this rule.

Placement and testing are also important in any explainer video development. Be sure to make the play button big and visible and don’t be afraid to test different durations, messages, and animations. A/B testing is your friend and can help you work out the kinks in your video before deciding on your final product. You never know, the next viral explanation video could be yours!