Animated Explainer Videos for Startups

Explainer Video

A relatively new and effective way of marketing your startup is through the use of an animated explainer video. More and more companies are turning to these videos in order to offer a short and entertaining presentation that summarizes what their companies or products are all about. These videos have been shown to be highly effective in keeping businesses and consumers engaged while explaining in simple terms what the company does in 5 minutes or less.

When choosing an explainer video production company it is often a best practice to use one that specializes in animation. It keeps the video interesting and visually stimulating while increasing a potential customer’s attention span. It has been shown that videos can often increase visit time to 2 minutes! This is a huge increase considering the average attention span of a potential customer tends to be 8 seconds in length. That’s an increase of 1500%!

Conversions are extremely important for any business, especially startups, and any action that can increase conversions should be taken immediately. The good news is that videos have been shown to increase conversions as well; sometimes by as much as 30%! With an explainer video, the pitch has been perfected during the editing process and you know there is no variation in what’s being said or how it’s being said. This is great consistency to build on from a sales perspective and you don’t have to analyze each individual presentation differently. Once you’ve developed a presentation that works simply upload the video and BINGO, you’re in business!

Videos also help with your companies branding which is extremely important. Nowadays there are so many companies all competing for the same slice of pie, and building a brand that is recognizable will help give you an edge above the competition. Using video marketing allows you to use brand-centric colors, images, emblems, etcetera in order to get your point across. These images will have a more lasting impression on their audience and make your company more recognizable in the future when comparing it to other companies in similar segments.

Lastly, explainer videos can also improve your online presence from an SEO stand point. is widely recognized as the second largest search engine on the internet and uploading videos and acquiring visitors will undoubtedly help not only your videos ranking within YouTube, but also help your websites ranking on Google itself. The key to internet marketing is getting your site ranked high in Google’s search engine for relevant terms so you can take advantage of that increased traffic. Startup explainer videos will help you achieve this.

Remember, that even if you are a new company with a limited budget, you can still get a high quality video production done at a relatively low cost. You do not need to spend thousands on production like in the past. Take advantage of this and make a startup explainer video one of the first marketing items you tackle while building your business! The exposure and business it will bring you will pay out 10-fold!