/Why the Dreamforce Conference is a Must for Startups

Why the Dreamforce Conference is a Must for Startups

Dreamforce is inarguably the biggest entrepreneurial, information-driven conference of the year. Though often thought only to appease more significant players in the game, startups are more than welcome. It’s easier than ever before to connect and attend Dreamforce.

Through the Cloud Expo, startup ambassadors can connect with portfolio companies. Many of these companies sponsor Dreamforce and will have their company booths set up, including Vlocity, CloudCraze, MapAnything, and more.

If you’re a part of a startup, one fact is ever-present: pitching to other companies can be daunting, especially in your company’s infancy. That’s where Dreampitch comes into play Two years running, expert panels of judges—brought to you by Dreamforce—will be selecting three startups to compete for the top spot: a quarter-million dollar deal. It’s the Shark Tank equivalent of the startup world.

Apart from Dreampitch, Startup Valley holds promise for just about every bracket of a startup out there. Getting a glimpse of startups across the world is a unique and exciting experience. The most important commodity exchanged at Dreamforce is the experience.

Attending Dreamforce on a Shoestring Budget

Just because Dreamfroce has made the process for startups to join more accessible, it doesn’t mean every option is viable for your specific needs. There are three primary ways to attend Dreamforce.

1.Startup Summit

This two-day event began in 2016; for the cost of $600.00, you get access to two days of sessions, an exclusive network party, and the Dreamforce show floor.

2. Free Expo+ Access Package

These passes are free, and while they constrict access to other points of Dreamforce, it’s more than a small glimpse. There’s a chance to view the cutting edge of cloud computing software, among other things, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

3. Salesforce Live

While it’s not nearly as good as the real thing, you can tune in to a live stream of Dreamforce, where you’ll be up close and personal for most of the keynote presentations. It also gives you the opportunity to view the schedule ahead of time and pick out where you want to be. Even if you’re physically at Dreamforce, you can still listen to keynote speeches between in-person events through Salesforce Live.