/How To Build An Online Community For Your Startup

How To Build An Online Community For Your Startup

In recent years, we’ve seen some relatively small start-ups turn into multi-billion dollar enterprises in record time. So what’s the secret behind it all? Startups don’t drip with money, spare time or free publicity—they utilize an age-old method that most fortune 500 companies have abandoned: the power of community-driven action.

Successful startups share one thing in common—dynamic customer affection. They focus on community. In today’s market, people aren’t just customers or consumers: they’re active brand patrons and ambassadors. Communities of product users can boast their experience with specific items, including reviews and forum posts; it becomes something more than just partaking in a string of products from your favorite brand. It’s about engagement. It drives customers to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than their experience; it brings them pride.

Salesforce, CRM SAAS (Software As A Service) organization is making it easier than ever to grow and engage your community, and market yourself while saving time and money. In short, they’ve capitalized on the best ways to develop your community and dedicated consumers views of your company. Half of the work is already done for you thanks to Salesforce Lightning Community Builder. You can begin with a template, and work your way into one of the best platforms available on the market for growing your brand’s community.

The biggest way to increase your community focus from your customers is with highly-engaging content. By devoting the same level of quality to your content that your customers are committing to brand loyalty, you’re keeping an active, engaged audience for far longer than any press release could ever do. Long ago, before we even had digital marketing as an option, people relied on word of mouth from faithful clientele. Now, the only difference is that your devoted clientele can showcase their positive experiences with you to the world.

Building a community isn’t just about housing a central hub on the web; it’s about responsiveness and attentiveness. We can all remember a time when being a Social Media Manager wasn’t an actual job title. Now that we focus on online communities, drive them forward, and maintain a certain percentage of loyal consumers, the need for proper maintenance is always critical.

What works for one startup community will most certainly not work for another, even if you’re in the same industry. Every customer is looking for something different. If your startup rivals another in the same industry, and you’ve kept a stockade of loyal customers, it means that whatever you’re doing is right, and more engaging than your competition. The biggest thing to remember when building up your community is that it’s not your community; it belongs to the contributors and stays alive by their interactions.