/Why using a video to market your startup is a good idea!

Why using a video to market your startup is a good idea!

Gaining exposure when launching a start-up or trying to explain your business product/idea to individuals can be difficult. Often times people are still left confused or not entirely convinced that your vision for success is a good one. Using a video to describe your new business venture can help break through this plateau and offer both a visual and audio explanation of what you are trying to achieve.
The good news is that in the age of the internet, you can have a video created for a relatively low cost! No longer do you have to spend thousands on production, scripts, and acting. This can all be done digitally from the comfort of a video editor’s home charging a nominal fee and delivered within a matter of days.
It also can help with conversions! According to certain studies, 68% of people will remember your video over a simple text article or press release about your company. That’s a dramatic difference and one that can yield excellent results. It’s no secret that people typically have short attention spans, and creating a video can help keep an individual interested and engaged in your product.
You will want to keep your video clear and concise while making sure the duration is adequate. For example, the average www.youtube.com video is generally 4 minutes and 20 seconds in length per Google. Taking that into consideration, you will most likely want to keep your startup video under 5 minutes in order to maximize your viewers interest.
Be sure to use short sentences and ideas when filming your explainer video and try to avoid complicated concepts. If your business is inherently complicated, you should spend some time before you film your video developing a script that really simplifies everything.
For example, the founder of Tesla and Spacex, Elon Musk, has an amazing ability to take extremely complicated ideas and simplify them so the masses can understand what he is trying to do. When you are making your videos, you should try to emulate this behavior.
Be sure to get your main point across very quickly within the video, this will help “hook” the watcher into staying longer to learn more about your company and what you’re all about.
Lastly, try to have some animation in your video. It helps keep your prospect visually interested more so then just individuals talking to one another, or a voiceover on still pictures. You will want to combine some good animation with your audio for maximum effectiveness.
A good example of an explainer video can be seen here:

You’ll notice the video is short, clear and concise. It offers animation in conjunction with audio and explains the company/product in under 2 minutes. Don’t try to say everything in one video, focus on some major core points designed to peak interest and if done correctly, your viewer will take it upon themselves to investigate things further on their own.
Keep the duration manageable, use animation, and script out a simple explanation and you should see some amazing results from your startup explanation video!